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21 Creative Date Ideas So You Never Stop Dating Your Partner

Dating your significant other should never take a back seat. It’s how you connect, stay friends and foster intimacy. When you don’t date one another, you become two distant roommates that can’t seem to stop fighting over who should’ve replaced the last toilet paper roll. Here’s 21 creative ideas that range from little time and money to grand gestures with lots of planning. Whatever fits your style, budget and availability, there’s something here for every couple. So no excuses.

Here’s everything you need for a fun, creative date night delivered right to your front door.

  1. Play a board game, chess or try this fun couples game
  2. A Night of Nostalgia. Revisit your wedding day by looking through pictures and videos of your special day.
  3. Take a stroll and hold hands.
  4. Cook dinner together. Choose an old family recipe and create it together.
  5. Dinner and a movie in. Rent your favorite movie and order Chinese. Cuddle together while watching.
  6. Play dress up. Pretend you’re strangers, dress accordingly and meet at an agreed upon location. Take the fantasy from there and see where it leads.
  7. Go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal.
  8. Take a road trip. No agendas. No destinations. See where the road leads you.
  9. Schedule a group date. Get together with other couples for a group date.
  10. Plan a weekend getaway. Go away for a night or two; whether somewhere new or somewhere you’ve been before. Make it happen.
  11. Get active together. Rent bikes, go to the gym, take a workout class together or rock climb. Get sweaty.
  12. Candlelight Night only. Pretend a hurricane has come through and knocked out all electricity. Live by candelight only for the night.
  13. Volunteer together. Choose an organization you’re both passionate about and donate your time.
  14. Schedule a night of intimacy. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling sex. Take your time, go slow and enjoy one another’s sensual bodies.
  15. Have coffee together. Go to a coffee shop, order your favorite cup of joe and have a conversation.
  16. Visit a wine bar. Have a glass of wine and chat with others or just yourselves about the taste, color and depth of what you’re drinking.
  17. Go to a movie. Pick a movie that you’ve both wanted to see and go to a matinee or see a late-night showing. Talk about the movie afterwards.
  18. Go skinny-dipping in the moonlight. Whether in your own pool, a nearby creek or at the beach, when the moon is full, take your clothes off and jump in.
  19. Do something daring. Sky dive, bungee jump or test-drive a fast car. Whatever floats your boat, do something that gets your heart racing.
  20. Quiz each other with these questions.

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