Making Relationships Last

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Marriage and Couples Therapy


Overcoming Relationship Challenges and Building Strong Foundations

Good relationships don't happen by accident. They require purposeful attention to work through challenges and disagreements. A healthy relationship also must involve work to mitigate negative outcomes with change. Some couples handle these objectives independently, but many, married and simply in a committed relationship, need some guidance. Sometimes, challenges like broken trust, changes in family dynamics, or even past trauma require more extensive support from an experienced couple's therapist.

Whether your relationship is struggling or you're being proactive about maintaining strength during change, marriage and couples therapy may be the key. Our therapeutic approaches at Couples Thrive hand-deliver the tools you need to work through the biggest relationship challenges. Blending families, aligning goals, working through individual traumas, and dealing with changes in life circumstances are all good reasons to seek a guiding voice to rebuild or even strengthen your connection to your partner.

Signs Your Relationship Could Benefit from Counseling

Marriage and couples counseling is often sought to restore the relationship when certain challenges arise. However, counseling can be beneficial even without a major event. Some signs your relationship could benefit from counseling include:

  • Difficulties achieving resolutions to repeat arguments
  • Communication issues that hinder progress, heighten hostility, and disrupt peace
  • Inability to align your future or financial goals
  • Difficulty overcoming the repercussions of broken trust, infidelity, or lack of trust
  • Facing a major life change, such as having children or moving
  • Struggling with feeling close or comfortably intimate

What You'll Learn During Marriage or Couples Therapy

Counseling helps to uncover underlying issues, including childhood traumas, contributing to relationship challenges. Couples gain insight into their relational patterns and the dynamics affecting everyday interactions, such as trust issues or communication breakdowns. Each partner will learn effective communication strategies to express needs, resolve conflicts, and prevent misunderstandings. Additionally, counseling fosters a safe environment for partners to express vulnerabilities, which helps to develop a deeper emotional connection and level of intimacy. Overall, couples counseling equips couples with practical tools and techniques to address conflicts constructively and promote a healthy partnership for the long term.

Emotional closeness is possible. Your relationship can be secure. Couples Thrive can help.

Our approach to couples counseling utilizes proven strategies like Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method to improve relationships, strengthen bonds, and help couples understand and address strengths and weaknesses. April Eldemire, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, brings over a decade of expertise to her practice. Specializing in couples therapy, April's approach is grounded in evidence-based methodologies and focused on tailored support for each unique relationship.

Gottman-Method Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Utilizing what has been coined the most advanced relationship science to date, Emotionally Focused Therapy relates our early attachments in childhood to how we function in our adult relationships. Research from this approach has found that over 70 percent of couples went from distressed to happy. Over 90 percent of couples significantly improved their relationships in just a few short months. Results from this form of couples and marriage counseling are long-standing and out-match all other forms of therapy that focus on couples. Couples who have gone through the EFT method are able to trust their relationship bond, learn to lean into one another in times of despair, and strengthen and deepen their attachments to each other.

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