Making Relationships Last

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Family Therapy

The relationships we have with our caregivers and siblings are among the strongest and most important ones we will have in our lifetime.

And the truth is- even the best of siblings, parents and caregivers fight. There is no perfect family.

But when conflict persists, every member suffers.


Family therapy normalizes modern day stressors like juggling parenting and careers, hectic daily lives and added financial pressures. Even events outside of our control (think natural disasters) can add stress & cause a family to bicker, or need help to get through rough patches. Family therapy focuses on how to best interact with one another based on the unique ways that family functions; ways that are heavily influenced by how bonded — or strained — we become.

When providing family therapy, Couples Thrive provides a safe environment where each family member can be heard. Understanding each other’s needs and being able to communicate are essential for a happy, stable and loving home environment. Utilizing the strengths and honing in on the unique dynamics specific to each family, I use family counseling to show each member that love, compassion, respect, and admiration can be achieved.

Whether you have a newborn at home, a moody teenager or a sick parent, family therapy can help. Through a deep understanding of each family member’s circumstances, you can learn how to be a support system for one another. With better communication and respect, you can embrace your family with love and acceptance.

Other family concerns include:

  • Divorce
  • Communication issues
  • Grief/Loss
  • Parenting Issues
  • Blended families
  • Betrayal
  • Trust Issues

Through family counseling, my goal is to create stronger and healthier families so that individuals can learn how to count on one other, gain trust and build lifelong memories.