Making Relationships Last

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Remarriage can be difficult, and it can be even harder when children are involved. Everyone in a blended family is attempting to find their place within a new family structure and tensions can bubble to the surface when roles change or personalities collide. While many of these issues can work themselves out, there are times when it just isn’t possible to leave things up to chance and hope that they get better. If you need blended family therapy, Couples Thrive in Fort Lauderdale can help. In addition to providing individual therapy and couples counseling, we are here and ready to help your new family acclimate.

Why Blended Family Therapy Is Sometimes Necessary

Forty percent of married couples with children are step-couples. Through blended family therapy, we have to learn a few things in order to thrive. First, time is critical to evolving successfully and feeling like a true family. Second, making sense of previous divorces and relationship failures provides key insight into making more positive choices for the future. Third, good communication about feelings, parenting, money, and family rituals will make transitioning as a new family a positive experience.

When you have a family that is made up of individuals who have different ways of handling conflict or even different values, it is sometimes difficult to find common ground from which to build new and healthy relationships. Blended family therapy is one way to learn the skills needed to forge ahead so as not to get stuck in a rut of anger, resentment, or jealousy. We believe that time is of the essence — the faster a new family learns to respect and act like a family, the more likely it is that the home life will get better.

Here are some common reasons that people seek blended family therapy:

  • Step-parenting difficulties
  • Financial changes
  • Confusion surrounding a divorce
  • Moving
  • Making sense of past relationships
  • Trauma of past relationships

If you are a part of a blended family in Fort Lauderdale and your new family has been having some difficulties adjusting to the change, call us at Couples Thrive to find out how we can help your family function better as a unit. Our goal has always been to help people make the most out of their relationships so everyone can feel loved and appreciated in the way that they deserve.