Making Relationships Last

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Pre-Baby/New Parent Counseling


Prepare to embark on a life-changing journey that lasts forever. Babies are a blessing, yet sometimes sleep-deprivation, uncertain parenting roles and stressful communication can leave us less than satisfied. The first year of life with your new baby is an amazing experience, but one that also presents significant challenges to a couples’ relationship. Family dynamics change and time with one another takes a back seat in order to deal with the needs of your newborn, and a decrease in sex and intimacy leave most couples feeling dissatisfied in their relationship.

If you’re thinking of having a baby, pregnant, or just recently given birth, preparing for the transition is essential, as research shows that the majority of couples experience a significant drop in relationship satisfaction for several years after the birth of a baby.

My goal is to make your transition to parenthood as smooth as possible with new-parent counseling. Maintaining a strong relationship with healthy communication will make you better able to handle what lies ahead. And a successful relationship bodes best for managing lack of sleep, new financial constraints, and less time spent together.

Maintaining friendship and being able to handle conflict effectively is vital for new parents. With the help of new parent counseling and the Bringing Baby Home workshop, couples can embrace and relish in their baby and new parenthood journey.


I’m not just a Bringing Baby Home Educator; I’m a mom too. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelming love coupled with intense relationship challenges from the whole process. I can make the new transition manageable for you and your family with the help of new-parent counseling.

Some of the other major areas of focus include:

  • the importance of the father’s role in parenting and bonding
  • understanding and meeting your baby’s cues
  • learning how to play with your baby cooperatively, instead of combatively
  • maintaining romance and intimacy
  • strengthening friendship
  • expressing needs, fighting fair and being able to compromise
  • crafting your own unique family legacy by instilling traditions and rituals
  • reducing the incidence of postpartum mood disorders

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