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Divorce Therapy

One of the most difficult life changes that you might experience is divorce. Not only can it fundamentally change nearly every part of your life as it is today, it can have long-reaching repercussions that alter the way your future relationships function. At Couples Thrive, we offer divorce counseling and divorce therapy to help you and your family make sense of a divorce while also learning skills to help you move on in a happy, healthy way (when the time is right). Contact Couples Thrive today to find out about our divorce therapy for you and your children.

Divorce Counseling for Your Family

Divorce is felt very deeply by children. Since your marriage is the first one that they have seen, it serves as part of the bedrock that makes up their life. When this foundation crumbles or disappears, it can be very difficult for them to make sense of how their lives will look and feel. One of the goals of divorce therapy is to provide your children with the opportunity to express their feelings while showing them that their parents still love them and will remain a family in spite of how things have changed. Blended family therapy can also help your children deal with a divorce.

Divorce Therapy for You

Like any major life event, a divorce will stir up feelings that you might not know how to process, especially with the amount of other things that occur during this time (moving, meeting with lawyers, court dates, custody issues etc.). Divorced individuals often feel a great deal of embarrassment and shame. Counseling helps you make sense of what has happened and find a new sense of self; one to be proud of. Another benefit of talking to a therapist is that you won’t feel like you’re burdening any of your friends and family members. During therapy, you can share your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations, and then learn some tools to help you examine your relationship in new ways and take the important lessons learned from it.

Contact us at Couples Thrive today to find out how therapy following a divorce can help you and your family. We’re Fort Lauderdale’s family and relationship counseling experts and we’re here to help.

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