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3 Bonuses That Working Out Together Brings to Your Relationship

So it’s the New Year, and if you’re like most of us, then you’ve probably made a resolution to step it into high gear and lose all of that extra weight gained over the holidays. Don’t feel guilty; I’m sure the extra pounds were well worth it.

If you’re trying to decide which gym to join or what workout to begin, don’t forget to include your other half. Exercising not only improves your mood and mental outlook, it has especially lasting results for couples who do it together.

Below, find 3 bonuses that working out brings to your relationship:

1. When you work out in pairs, endorphins are released which triggers a flurry of positive vibes; not just about yourself but about your partner and overall relationship. You begin a ritual of “high fives” and “good jobs,” while creating a unique dialogue about the event at hand. By incorporating these two acts into your relationship, you unite on a deeper level and become more connected.

2. You add a layer of support that serves only to sustain your relationship over time. Whether you train for a marathon, sign up for a triathlon or team up for a crossfit competition, you want nothing but the best for you and your partner. You start cheering the other person on, using words of encouragement and reassuring them along the way; this whole experience adds an element of support that you can’t get from anywhere else.

3. You find something in common. Let’s face it. As relationships evolve, couples tend to lose sight of the similarities that brought them together in the first place. By adding an extracurricular activity, you form a cohesive bond once again. You soon find that you’re never short of conversation on the topic, you have a newfound interest in what your partner’s perspective or opinion is on the matter and you thoroughly enjoy engaging in the activity together.

The desire to shed those holiday pounds seems much more motivating when you think about doing it with the one you love, now doesn’t it? Joining forces and incorporating an exercise routine into your relationship has long-term, positive effects overall. So don’t forget to add a family member to that next gym membership.

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