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Creating Rituals of Connection

No one wants to feel like their relationship is a cliche. Couples want to stand out and feel truly unique, original and authentic. Rituals of connection help establish a true sense of distinction and meaning in our romantic relationships.

These everyday traditions, special occasions and momentous celebrations that we create together defines who we are as a family and gives us a deep sense of connection and meaning. Without these everyday nuances, couples have nothing to latch on to in order to feel significant.

Can you identify at least 10 rituals within your relationship? Use these questions from The Gottman Institute as your guide.

  • How do we, or should we, eat together at dinner?
  • How should we part at the beginning of each day?
  • How should bedtime be?
  • What is the meaning of weekends?
  • What are our rituals about vacations?
  • Pick a meaningful holiday. How should this holiday be celebrated?
  • How do we each get refreshed and renewed?
  • What rituals do we have when someone is sick?
  • How do we celebrate momentous occasions, special moments, accomplishments or accolades?
  • How do we stay active together? What hobbies do we share?
  • How do we spend meaningful, quality time together?
  • What are some movies or shows that you can watch together as a couple?

Additionally, ask yourself the meaning behind the rituals with these questions:

  • What is meaningful about this for you?
  • When will this be done?
  • How often will it be done?
  • How long should it last each time?
  • Who will initiate it?
  • Who will do what in this ritual?
  • What will happen next?
  • How will it end?
  • How can we integrate this into our lives so we can count on it?
  • Want 21 more creative rituals to add to your relationship? Click here.

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