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Don't stop having fun with your spouse!

Fun is FUN! That in itself is reason enough to make sure that play, fun, and joyful experiences are regular components of your marriage.

When you’re in a committed relationship, having fun with your partner is also a big help when it comes to preventing or improving complacency, burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, and related issues. Research has even found that couples report increased relationship satisfaction after spending time together doing novel and stimulating activities.

Your takeaway? Never stop finding ways to have fun with each other, no matter how long you and your spouse have been together!


With summer upon us, here are 25 fun things you can do as a couple that can help you both beat back the stress, relax, and enjoy yourselves:

  1. Plant a garden or a tree
  2. Go swimming together at your community pool, beach, or lake
  3. Sign up for a class (pottery, yoga, salsa dancing, painting, marksmanship, glass-blowing, etc.)
  4. Host a barbeque or brunch for your friends and family
  5. Book a night in a hotel—even if that hotel is in your own town!
  6. Go big and take a proper vacation
  7. Enjoy some s’mores over a backyard bonfire
  8. Enter a 5k road race together
  9. Spend a night stargazing in the backyard
  10. Buy some tickets to a show, concert, or play
  11. Put some music on and dance together in your living room
  12. Experiment in the bedroom with some new lotion, toys, or positions
  13. Pack a picnic and a frisbee and head to a park or beach
  14. Play a round of golf—the winner buys lunch!
  15. Get a little extravagant and save up for a meal out at that expensive restaurant you’ve always wanted to try
  16. Take a day off from work and “play hooky” together at home—catch up on your favorite TV show, order takeout or delivery, or just chill out in your backyard
  17. Grab some kayaks or bikes and head out for a day of exploring
  18. Go to a local farmer’s market, craft fair, or other local event and see what goodies you can find
  19. Wake up before dawn and go somewhere beautiful to watch the sunrise
  20. Hit the local diner or dive bar
  21. Find some interesting new recipes and cook a meal together—in your underwear if you dare!
  22. Enjoy a day on the water in a boat or on some jet skis
  23. Try that big long hike you’ve both been meaning to do
  24. Buy some lawn games and invite your buddies over for a “field day” at your home or local park
  25. Spend a day at the nearest state park or national park

More than likely, there are things in the above list that don’t sound fun to either of you at all. If so—no problem! Sit down together over a cup of coffee or a favorite cocktail and come up with some things that sound fun and adventurous to you.

Having fun doesn’t have to be wild, expensive, risky, or fancy. But if you both go into a fun activity with the goal of staying fully engaged, present, and open-minded, then you can be sure it will be meaningful.

Fun—Fundamental for Every Happy Marriage

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