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Heat Things Up With These Favorite Summertime Activities

With summer fast approaching, everybody’s feeling the heat. Longer days and sweaty nights makes for more leisure time and a little less clothing. Why not take advantage of the freedom and steam things up with 8 of my favorite local activities to do with your loved when the weather is warm.

  1. Take a late night stroll through the neighborhood. Get out of the air conditioning and away from the TV and get some fresh air. There’s something about being outside when it’s warm that instantly brightens the mood. Bring some conversation starters with you, or just gab about what you come may come across on your stroll.
  2. Have an outdoor picnic and listen to some live music. Grab your favorite beverage and outdoor snack and sit underneath the stars while enjoying some local favorites.
  3. Save your appetite for a night of food trucks. Food trucks are still the rage. Bonus? They’re affordable and super delicious too. You won’t have to worry about fighting over who wants what because each food truck stop has everything you might be craving.
  4. Cool down with a late-night swim. Not only is the weather warm, but so is the water. Bask in the glow of the moonlight and stay in the water just a little bit longer. Whip out your blender and make your own margarita or pina colada. No trip to the Caribbean needed when you can recreate it right at home!
  5. Have a beach BBQ. Although the beach can be hectic during the summer, it’s still one of the most affordable and romantic places to be. Take a dip in the ocean and cook dinner on one of the provided beach grills. It’s easy, fun and there’s no rush.
  6. Go to an outdoor concert. Share your love of music by checking out one of the many bands that come to play at one of the coolest venues in the city. Music ignites passion. A favorite of the masses? Reggae!
  7. Meet for happy hour. Beautiful people and a fun, eclectic vibe gather at this favorite of the locals. They have great happy hour and the bar oozes lust and passion. It’s contagious!
  8. Find a hammock and read one of your favorite books. There’s something about a hammock, bodies intertwined together and reading your favorite book that screams sexy. There’s some great sales on hammocks you can put up right in your own backyard.

You don’t have to go to great lengths to reignite passion and connection. All it takes is a little desire, creativity and local knowledge that can turn an ordinary summer day into an extraordinary one!

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