October 13, 2018
Zen Executive Suite Offices  
Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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Even the strongest relationships are strained during the transition to parenthood. Lack of sleep, new financial responsibilities and less time spent together can lead to profound stress and a decline in relationship satisfaction- all of which affect the baby’s care. Not surprisingly, the majority of couples (67% in fact) report a drop in relationship satisfaction for up to three years after the birth of a baby.

Bringing Baby Home prepares couples for life with baby and helps them be the best parenting team possible. In just two days, new parents will learn how to strengthen their relationship and foster baby’s development during such a challenging time. Couples build on what research shows is the best predictor of relationship adjustment after baby arrives: the quality of the couple’s friendship.

This high quality, research-based program combines lecture, multi-media presentations, interactive couple’s exercises and group discussion. Not only will you strengthen the couple bond, but you’ll also meet other parents eager to raise kids in a loving and supportive home environment.

Bringing Baby Home teaches couples how to:

  • Stay connected
  • Keep intimacy and affection intact
  • Learn how to co-parent effectively
  • Strengthen and maintain friendship
  • Create strong parent-child relationships
  • Reduce postpartum depression, relationship conflict and hostility
  • Reduce hostility and heightened conflict

Having a baby doesn’t have to be so hard on a relationship. You won’t fully know the changes that come until your little bundle arrives, but you can prepare for the challenges early on and learn how to bond over the highs and lows together by attending Bringing Baby Home.

If the answer is YES to any of the questions below, then this workshop is for you!

  1. Is your first baby due any time now and you’re wondering if you’re ready for it?
  2. Are you nervous about what a new baby will do to your relationship?
  3. Are you curious about what kind of parents you’ll become?
  4. Are you concerned that your parenting styles might not match up?
  5. Are you finding it hard to agree with your partner on simple questions such as, “Will the baby sleep with us or in the nursery?” “Will the grandparents visit right away or will we want our own space initially to get to know our baby?”
  6. Do you feel unsure about how you’ll be able to connect and care for a newborn? Are you nervous about co-parenting?
  7. Are you feeling scared, overwhelmed or unsure about what’s to come? Is the stress putting a strain on your relationship already?

What You Get:

  • One Couple’s Workbook: Bringing Baby Home Couple’s Workbook, 250 pages. Includes insightful research, key parenting tips, guides and information, resources and interactive exercises.
  • Six Card Decks: These fun, interactive cards are used in the Bringing Baby Home Workshop with parents as interactive exercises. Titles include: Love Map Cards, Love Map Cards For Couples with Kids, Open-Ended Questions Cards, Father’s Cards, Expressing Needs Cards, Softened Start-up Cards.
  • BBH Videos: Essential resource videos not available to the general public featuring authentic lab footage that focus on infant needs and how to best respond to your baby’s cues.

Workshop Details:

  • Classes held at Zen Executive Office Suites, Downtown Fort Lauderdale
  • Registration is $399/couple and includes workbook, materials, light refreshments and a BONUS follow-up session with a Bringing Baby Home Educator
  • Children under one year are welcome to attend
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch will be provided

Disclaimer: Any cancellations before the event are subject to a $100 penalty fee. Due to the nature of the program, 5 couples are the minimum in order for the event to run successfully. If for any reason there are not enough registrations, Bringing Baby Home reserves the right to cancel the event at the organizer’s discretion. Therefore, if plans are made to attend, all travel and expenses are the responsibility of the individuals registering.

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