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Gottman Method Therapy At Couples Thrive


Being in a relationship with another person can be one of the best parts of life but it can also be one of the most difficult. Everyone brings their own experiences to a relationship and those experiences can sometimes create problems of compatibility, especially when it comes to the methods we use to solve problems. At Couples Thrive here in Fort Lauderdale, we have many different options for couples therapy, including the Gottman Method. The Gottman Method is a comprehensive therapy that helps couples build a healthy relationship based on love and support. If you are interested in couples therapy, please call us. We would love to help you create a better relationship with the one you love.

What is the Gottman Method?

The Gottman Method was created by psychologists John and Julie Gottman. The doctors have dedicated themselves to helping couples find ways to live better lives together and the Gottman Method is the culmination of decades of work and research.

Using a home as a model for a happy relationship, the Gottman Method works to help you and your partner build strong walls that protect your relationship. The walls are “trust” and “commitment” and they allow you to fill your home with the other parts of the method (which you can find below) that are vital to happiness.

Building Love Maps

A love map is a way of understanding and knowing what your partner wants in life, what they are worried about, what makes them happy, and how they see the world. Love maps are important because they build trust and allow both parties to see which direction they’re heading in.

Sharing Admiration and Fondness

Showing your partner that he or she is loved and appreciated and respected is the best way to him or her from feeling contempt for you, and vice versa. When people know that they are cared about and respected, they are able to feel the same for their loved one.

Turn Towards, Not Away

This is the part of the house where both parties get to express their needs and desires and where each person should turn towards the other person in order to understand and respond to his or her needs. This step is as much about “big picture” things as it is the small, everyday moments.

Positive Perspective

Being positive means approaching problem solving with an open mind that wants to create a positive outcome and to keep working at a solution, even if it is difficult.

Managing Conflict

It would be absurd to believe that anyone could stop a couple from having conflicts and we wouldn’t want that, anyway. Conflict can lead to healthy growth that enriches everyone’s lives and relationships.

Help Dreams Come True

An environment where individuals feel comfortable speaking openly about what makes them unique, including their dreams and aspirations, is an important aspect of the Gottman Method.

Creating Shared Meaning

This is where each couple can understand how the narratives and metaphors of their relationship have given shape to who they are and who they will become.

If a more open and honest relationship where each member of the couple is invested in respecting and understanding the other party, as well as building a life together sounds like a great idea, please call Couples Thrive today.