Even the strongest relationships go through periods where couples feel lonely, stuck, and at the end of their rope. Even things such as natural disasters (think our recent hurricane, Irma) can cause stress and problems in an otherwise healthy relationship.

I believe that once couples recognize their negative relationship patterns, they can begin to change how they communicate with one another. Couples yearn for a sense of togetherness and safety, and a relationship built on trust can be achieved where each person feels heard and understood.

Sometimes the path to get there can seem hopeless, but through couples therapy, communication and a renewed sense of commitment to the relationship can be achieved. When the bond between a couple is strengthened, a happier, more thriving relationship is possible.

Here are some common warning signs that your relationship might be in trouble:

  • Spinning your wheels in frustration, looking for resolution but accomplishing nothing
  • Communication problems that include lack of progress, shutting down, or increased hostility
  • Worrying that your future dreams, goals, and aspirations are not aligned
  • Betrayal, infidelity, or trust issues
  • Feeding into the “grass is greener” fallacy by having thoughts of leaving, finding someone “better” or perhaps already being involved in an emotional affair
  • Lack of love, passion, intimacy, and romance

In marriage counseling, we don’t focus a lot on details. Instead, we dig deeper for what’s going on underneath the surface to find the cause of faulty communication patterns and defeatist thinking. Identifying these problems and their causes isn’t all it takes to get to a better place in your marriage, however. Hard work, commitment, and a dedication to make things better are essential. With those important elements in place, couples therapy can help build a strong foundation of friendship that safeguards the relationship from future pitfalls of loneliness, isolation, and disconnect.

While most therapists say they work with couples, I know how to skillfully work with couples. I’ve been trained under some of the most rigorous and highly effective therapeutic models around. Using cutting-edge research and practice, the results of my work are extremely positive and long-lasting.

I provide compassionate and individualized couples and marriage counseling for those looking to mend, heal, and overcome past resentments and disappointments that have built up over time. Together, we will identify your current relationship struggles and find better ways of responding to one another for a more satisfying relationship.

Additional couples therapy issues that I can help address:

“Loving and successful relationships don’t happen by chance. They are a result of ongoing commitment, devotion, hard work and continuous effort.”

I am trained in Levels I, II and III Gottman therapy. Couples often find this theoretically-based approach highly effective and rewarding. The practical strategies from this method are helpful for couples needing tangible steps they can utilize right away to see immediate benefits and results.

By incorporating the basic principles of Gottman therapy in my work, I hope to show couples that successful and loving relationships are founded on healthy conflict management, a deep and steady friendship, and being able to support one another’s hopes and dreams.

Gottman-Method Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Well-versed in Emotionally Focused Therapy, I have found this approach has worked well for over 70 percent of couples who went from distressed to happy about their relationship. Over 90 percent of couples significantly improved their relationships in just a few short months. Results from this form of couples and marriage counseling are long-standing and out-match all other forms of therapy that focus on couples. Couples who have gone through the EFT method are able to trust their relationship bond, learn to lean in to one another in times of despair, and strengthen and deepen their attachments to each other.

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