1. The Three B’s to Discuss With Your Spouse This Holiday Season

    Want your holiday season to stay merry and bright this year? Here's a basic rule to keep in mind: Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to the big topics!  By "big topics," I really mean any issue that has the potential to be a major source of stress for you and your partner. And really, take your pick: between work and social commitments, family schedules, finances, gr…Read More

  2. Is Alcohol Impacting Your Relationship?

    During an interview on the popular podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, famous entrepreneur and businessman Sir Richard Branson once suggested a simple yet important thought experiment to listeners. We'll paraphrase that thought experiment here: Think back to the few biggest mistakes or arguments of your marriage. Now think how many of them occurred when one or both of you were under the influence of …Read More