1. Three warning signs of one-sided or unreciprocated love

    I love the paradigm that a healthy marriage doesn't require 50/50 from both partners—it requires 100/100. This means that each partner gives their best effort to help the relationship to thrive. Now, this doesn't mean our 100% effort will be the exact same moment to moment and day to day. We can't always "crush it," simply because our best efforts change depending on innumerable factors—fr…Read More

  2. Is My Relationship One-Sided?

    Many people assume that for two partners to be healthy and thriving together, there needs to be a 50/50 split in terms of energy, love, and effort. I invite you to think about it as 100/100. In other words, both partners put in their best effort to commit to and nurture a healthy bond. Of course, your best efforts will fluctuate at times—and that's okay. Factors like stress at work or a poor nig…Read More